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Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Says No Town Hall Talks Anytime Soon


Angela C. Agrusa, a lawyer for Bill Cosby, speaking to reporters in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Reed Saxon/Associated Press

The confusion over Bill Cosby’s planned series of summer town hall meetings continued on Tuesday as one of his lawyers suggested they may not happen at all.

Last week, his two publicists suggested he would tour cities to talk about sexual assault, including a stop in Alabama in July. On Sunday, the publicists said, no, he had never intended to talk about sexual assault. If it came up, he might address it, but his main focus would be to discuss education and the restoration of his legacy.

Now Angela C. Agrusa, a lawyer who helped represent him at his trial on sexual assault charges earlier this month, has tamped down expectations that Mr. Cosby will be embarking on such a tour anytime soon.

“I don’t see him speaking publicly like that, no,” Ms. Agrusa, told reporters in Los Angeles. Certainly, she said, not until after his retrial in Pennsylvania where his first trial ended with a hung jury.


Bill Cosby leaving the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., on June 17 after his case was declared a mistrial.

Matt Rourke/Associated Press

Mr. Cosby released a statement on Tuesday in which he seemed to want to end discussion of a tour for now. “Any further information about public plans will be given at the appropriate time,” he said in the statement, which characterized as “propaganda” reports that he would address sexual assault.

But sexual assault certainly seemed to be the focus of the talks when his publicists spoke on a television show, “Good Morning Alabama,” last week. One of the publicists, Ebonee M. Benson, had said that people particularly needed to be educated because the statute of limitations on sexual assault had been extended in some states and that “anything at this point can be considered sexual assault,” even, she said, “a brush against the shoulder.”

Ms. Agrusa said on Tuesday that “there has been a lot of misinformation about the concept of the town halls.”

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