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Chicago Art Museum Opens a Restaurant Named for Marisol


The new restaurant in the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is called Marisol, and its centerpiece is a mural by the artist Chris Ofili.

Kendall McCaugherty, Hall + Merrick

To honor the Venezuelan-American artist María Sol Escobar, known as Marisol, who died last year, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago has named its new restaurant after her. Decorating the Marisol dining room was the job of the English artist Chris Ofili, who also painted the colorful mural and the other artwork on the walls. The chef Jason Hammel, who owns Lula Cafe in Chicago, features dinner and counter service, and soon, lunch and brunch with menus that are contemporary and long on vegetables. There’s a steak sandwich with egg called At the Spring Street Diner c. 1972, in homage to Marisol, who donated the museum’s first acquisition. She is said to have liked to eat steak and eggs late at night in SoHo in New York: Marisol, 205 East Pearson Street (North Mies van der Rohe Way), Chicago, 312-799-3599, marisolchicago.com.

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