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Film Series in NYC This Week


Kathleen Turner and William Hurt in Lawrence Kasdan’s “Body Heat” (1981).

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COOL MOVIES at the Quad Cinema (July 7-13). Are the summer temperatures too high for you? Bask in the chill of God’s absence (Ingmar Bergman’s “Winter Light,” showing on Monday), the Russian winter (“Doctor Zhivago,” screening on Friday and Sunday) or the mountains surrounding Shangri-La (two versions of “Lost Horizon,” including Frank Capra’s 1937 film, which shows on Saturday and Monday). By making room for both Sylvester Stallone (“Cliffhanger,” Saturday) and a Czech medieval epic (“Marketa Lazarova,” Sunday), the Quad’s programmers have concocted one the strangest frozen blends since prosciutto ice cream.
212-255-2243, quadcinema.com

FLORIDA BAD at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn (July 10-27). Sunshine and manatees can’t camouflage Florida’s rich history of sleaze in cinema; the humidity and the Everglades have made the state an ideal setting for neo-noirs and gore fests. The more refined end of that spectrum might include “Body Heat” (Tuesday), Lawrence Kasdan’s sweat-drenched 1981 rehash of “Double Indemnity,” starring Kathleen Turner, in her first film role, as a femme fatale and an on-the-rise William Hurt as a credulous lawyer. From 1998, John McNaughton’s “Wild Things” (Thursday) is convoluted enough to make the machinations of Ms. Turner’s character seem straightforward. The series continues with rarities like “Darker Than Amber” (July 19), based on a John D. MacDonald novel, and a more recent addition to the canon, Michael Bay’s knucklehead extravaganza “Pain & Gain” (July 27).
718-513-2547, drafthouse.com/nyc

NOTES ON CAMP at BAM Rose Cinemas (July 12-18). “Camp proposes a comic vision of the world,” Susan Sontag wrote in the 1964 essay that gives this Brooklyn Academy of Music series its name. “But not a bitter or polemical comedy.” Although she was talking about the sensibility of camp — and not the summer-camp movies that make up this series — who’s to say she wasn’t anticipating “Meatballs” (Wednesday) or “Wet Hot American Summer” (July 15), or even “Camp” (July 18), featuring a pre-fame Anna Kendrick as a treacherous theater-camp striver who delivers quite the rendition of the Stephen Sondheim number “The Ladies Who Lunch”? BAM’s mess hall buffet also includes serial killers (“Friday the 13th,” showing Friday the 14th) and Addamses (“Addams Family Values,” July 16).
718-636-4100, bam.org

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