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James Corden Roasts Trump’s Photo Op-Laden Visit to Japan


James Corden is expecting President Trump to say more than a few awkward things during his five-country trip through Asia.


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Trump’s Asia Trip

President Trump started a five-country trip to Asia over the weekend, arriving in Japan for a series of meetings and public events with the prime minister, Shinzo Abe.

“Trump was in Japan yesterday, and plans to also visit Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Or, as Trump calls them, ‘China.’” — JAMES CORDEN

“Following the president’s trip, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will then kick off his own 13-day trip to apologize for everything Donald Trump says.” — JAMES CORDEN

Video by The Late Late Show With James Corden

“On his way to Asia, he stopped off in Hawaii. Of course that’s Obama’s home state — very popular there — so people there did not want to say to Trump, ‘Aloha.’ They wanted to say, ‘Aloha.’ Look it up.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Jimmy Kimmel looked at the trip from one of his favorite angles: He wondered about the eating habits of Mr. Trump, Mr. Abe and other world leaders.

“For lunch yesterday, before they played golf, they served Trump a hamburger made from American beef. That’s what they said, it’s made from American beef. I always wonder why when the leaders from other countries visit, they do that. Like when the prime minister of Italy was at the White House, they served him pasta. And he’s like, ‘Oh, great, pasta again.’ Why give these people what they already get a better version of all the time? They’re not hamsters that can only eat pellets. They’re people. If you’re going to make Donald Trump a hamburger in Japan, make him a hamburger with Japanese beef. Or maybe — and I know this is crazy — maybe pull him off the children’s menu for five seconds and serve him a bowl of noodles or something.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Stephen Colbert Reacts to the Texas Church Shooting

Video by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert took a moment during his show to address the mass shooting on Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Tex. He urged viewers to channel their frustration and sadness into a passion for gun control.

“Nothing gets done to control the guns that kill 10,000 people a year around America, not just in these mass killings. And doing nothing, as I’ve said before, is unacceptable. But it’s unnatural, it’s inhuman. It just goes against our nature — we want to fix things. You want to respond to something terrible like this, not just now but at any time in human history.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

The Punchiest Punchlines (Mayoral Edition)

“Mayor Bill de Blasio has a 33-point lead. After hearing this, the New York Giants said, ‘What’s a lead?’” — CONAN O’BRIEN, on Tuesday’s New York City mayoral election

“Her name is Juli Briskman, and she just got fired for flipping off Trump’s motorcade. Wait a second, if you can’t give people the finger in traffic, then what’s the point of driving? That’s how we say ‘hello’ in New York! Especially if you’re from out of town. Hey, welcome to Manhattan.” — STEPHEN COLBERT, discussing a woman who was fired from her job after making an obscene gesture at Mr. Trump’s motorcade

The Bits Worth Watching

Conan O’Brien started a week of broadcasts from Harlem on Monday. He celebrated by seeking the counsel of an uptown legend: the stylist Dapper Dan. First he tried styling himself, though — which was a mistake.

Video by Team Coco

Here’s Jordan Klepper on Mr. Trump’s visit to Japan.

Video by Comedy Central

What We’re Excited About on Tuesday Night

Mr. O’Brien on Tuesday will continue his run of shows from the Apollo Theater. His guest will be Keegan-Michael Key, the comedian best known for starring alongside Jordan Peele on the sketch show “Key & Peele.”

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