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OMB Peezy Leads a Webster Hall Lineup of Rap


OMB Peezy is in the lineup of rappers at the Studio at Webster Hall.

Keith Welch

A small show at the Studio at Webster Hall on Monday, July 17, features a great lineup of rap music that nods to aesthetics from everywhere but New York. OMB Peezy, from Mobile, Ala., but living in Sacramento now, is tough but melodic, with a youthfully urgent voice and production that’s indebted to Louisiana and California. He’s joined by SOB x RBE, from Vallejo, Calif., which just released a lustrous self-titled mixtape thick with Bay Area templates and remakes of classic songs, and G Perico, from South Central Los Angeles, who makes gloriously slippery music reminiscent of that city’s golden age of gangster rap. (websterhall.com)

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