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Sophia Amoruso shares her best career advice in new ‘Girlboss’ book

Over three years after publishing her best-selling memoir “#Girlboss,” multimillionaire entrepreneur and Girlboss Media CEO Sophia Amoruso today released her third book titled, “The Girlboss Workbook: An Interactive Journal for Winning at Life.”

Following a few years of “some very public stumbles” combined with “hard-won wins,” Amoruso tells CNBC Make It her new book is based completely on personal experience and is the self-help resource she wishes she had growing up.

Inside the 176-page workbook, you’ll find roadmaps for plotting your dream career, tips for writing cover letters and thank you emails, budgeting tools and money advice, self-care and relationship tips and a guide to political activism, among other fill-in-the-blank activity pages.

One of the biggest lessons Amoruso says she wants readers to take away from the new book: “No one is going to do the hard work in your life for you,” she says, having learned from experience, “but look in the mirror and be honest about your friendships and relationships and don’t settle for any less than you are worth.”

In case you don’t know what the difference between a “Girl Boss” and a regular boss is, Amoruso defined it back in 2014 for Elle as such: “A Girl Boss is someone who has big dreams and is willing to work hard for them,” adding that “keeping personal responsibility for your future, being comfortable taking risks and understanding that failure is the byproduct of your own invention.”

Through the “Girlboss Workbook,” which doubles as an adult coloring book of sorts, Amoruso says she wants to help provide some structure on how women should approach getting jobs, starting businesses and building brands while still being funny and irreverent.

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