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What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Berlin Station’ and ‘Good Behavior’


Ashley Judd in “Berlin Station.”

Frederic Batier/Epix

“Berlin Station” explores nationalism in Germany; Michelle Dockery returns as a destructive con artist.

What’s on TV

BERLIN STATION 9 p.m. on Epix. In an era when real-life politics has unfolded like the juiciest soap opera, some shows have turned away from the topic rather than try to compete. But not Olen Steinhauer’s “Berlin Station,” a moody, tense thriller set in the Berlin branch of the C.I.A.; the show deals with damaging leaks, whistle-blowers, terrorism and more. Two weeks after Germany’s far-right party broke into the Parliament for the first time in decades, the season premiere on Sunday deals directly with the nationalist tide sweeping Germany and Europe. The C.I.A. team, led by a new station chief (Ashley Judd), embarks on an unsanctioned operation to uncover a possible alt-right terrorist attack on the eve of the country’s election.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 9 p.m. on AMC. Those zombies aren’t going anywhere: Despite underwhelming ratings and reviews, this spinoff of “The Walking Dead” has been renewed for a fourth season, and a crossover with the original has been announced. In this two-part Season 3 finale, the core survivors have dwindled and split up on their own missions. Strand’s motives are made clear when Nick discovers a new threat descending on the dam; Madison faces a horrifying revelation.


Michelle Dockery in “Good Behavior.”


GOOD BEHAVIOR 10 p.m. on TNT. We’re not at Downton Abbey anymore. On “Good Behavior,” Michelle Dockery (formerly the regal Lady Mary) plays Letty Dobesh, who steals, cons, ingests, seduces and threatens. She turns on her paramour, Javier (Juan Diego Botto), and then the F.B.I. with blinding speed. As the second season begins, Letty has gained custody of her son, Jacob, and settled with him and Javier, a rakish hit man, in a remote beach town. But when Javier bungles a job, Letty is forced to face the consequences of being in a relationship with a killer, as well as her own self-destructive habits.

WHITE FAMOUS 10 p.m. on Showtime. After his somewhat acrimonious departure from “Saturday Night Live,” Jay Pharoah stars as a comedian hoping to reach a broader audience while facing the indignities and injustices of Hollywood. The story is based on the early career of Jamie Foxx as he struggled to break out; he serves as an executive producer for the show.

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM 10 p.m. on HBO. Larry turns to a writer for advice, puts on a fake mustache once again and runs into trouble when he beeps at a cop car.

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