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What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Grantchester’ and ‘Undocumented on Campus’


From left, Morven Christie, James Norton and Robson Green in “Grantchester.”

Colin Hutton and Kudos/ITV

It’s Christmastime in “Grantchester,” and there’s an extra bundle under the tree. And “Undocumented on Campus” follows a first-year college student who came illegally to the United States.

What’s on TV

GRANTCHESTER 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings). Season 3 opens the week before Christmas 1954, with Vicar Sidney Chambers (James Norton) mired in holiday duties while pondering whether or not his relationship with Amanda Hopkins (Morven Christie), who is carrying the baby of her estranged husband, can work. Meanwhile, a would-be groom is found dead with wedding rings lodged in his mouth, which Inspector Geordie Keaton (Robson Green) recognizes as the hallmarks of a long unsolved case.

SUNDAY NIGHT WITH MEGYN KELLY 7 p.m. on NBC. In a controversial interview, Ms. Kelly speaks with Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, about the Sandy Hook school massacre and Sept. 11.


Jose Reza


THE NAKED TRUTH: UNDOCUMENTED ON CAMPUS 9 p.m. on Fusion. The United States Department of Education estimates that 65,000 undocumented students graduate from American high schools each year, and only 5 to 10 percent of them continue their education. This documentary follows Jose Reza, 20, who came to Florida from Mexico with his mother when he was 15, as he navigates an uncertain future as a first-year college student and runner during the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump. According to new memorandums issued by his administration, the president will not immediately eliminate protections for so-called Dreamers who, like Jose, came to this country illegally with their parents as children. But their long-term fate remains unclear.

What’s Streaming


Samantha Morton and Denis Lavant.

O’South/IFC Films

MISTER LONELY (2008) on Amazon and iTunes. The director Harmony Korine divides this dreamscape into two zones: In one, a priest (Werner Herzog) drops food into jungle settlements from a plane and supervises an order of nuns, one of whom discovers she can actually fly. In the other, a Michael Jackson impersonator (Diego Luna) meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator (Samantha Morton) who tells him of a commune where people like them — including her husband (Denis Lavant), who lives as Charlie Chaplin, and her daughter (Esme Creed-Miles), who lives as Shirley Temple — can exist without shame. (Check out Anita Pallenberg, who died on Tuesday, as a woman living as Queen Elizabeth II.) The film “demonstrates that Mr. Korine, who showed his ability to shock and repel in earlier films, also has the power to touch, to unsettle and to charm,” A. O. Scott wrote in The Times.

JORDSKOTT on Shudder. Eva Thornblad (Moa Gammel) — a Swedish police investigator with traces of Sarah Lund (“The Killing”) and Saga Noren (“The Bridge”) in her DNA — returns to her hometown after the death of her father, a timber-industry titan, for the first time since her daughter disappeared seven years earlier and was presumed drowned. But when another child goes missing, Eva is persuaded to stay and confront the mysteries of the forest — and her darkest fears. Henrik Björn created this Scandinavian noir, riddled with Norse mythology.

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