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What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Hooten & the Lady’ and ‘Mike and the Mad Dog’


Michael Landes and Ophelia Lovibond in “Hooten & the Lady.”

Joe Alblas/Sky Productions, via CW

“Hooten & the Lady” goes for Indiana Jones-like adventure but doesn’t quite succeed. And “30 for 30” examines the combustible chemistry behind “Mike and the Mad Dog.”

What’s on TV

HOOTEN & THE LADY 9 p.m. on CW. A smooth-talking American adventurer (Michael Landes), with lone-wolf tendencies, and an idealistic British Museum curator (Ophelia Lovibond) who happens to be an aristocrat meet cute in the Amazon and then partner up to travel the world — itinerary: Bhutan, Italy and Egypt — in pursuit of missing artifacts. “The idea seems to be Indiana Jones with fewer Nazis and more romantic-comedy bickering, though the pilot (the only episode available for review) is set in South America and recalls ‘Romancing the Stone,’ right down to the long slide through the underbrush that ends in a sexually suggestive pileup,” Mike Hale wrote in The New York Times. But Mr. Landes and Ms. Lovibond, however appealing, are no Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. “‘Hooten & the Lady’ tries for madcap adventure,” he added, “but settles for mild charm.”


Mike Francesa, left, and Chris Russo in “Mike and the Mad Dog.”


MIKE AND THE MAD DOG 8 p.m. on ESPN. “30 for 30” tries to decipher the chemistry that fueled the rise of Mike Francesa and Chris Russo, whose afternoon show on WFAN 660 ruled sports talk radio for 19 years — before things imploded. “You’re married too long, then the other things the guy does drives you crazy,” Mr. Russo says. “It gets to a point where maybe it’s time to go away.” (He went to Sirius XM to headline the Mad Dog Sports Radio channel; Mr. Francesa stayed at WFAN.) “The film, directed by Daniel H. Forer, is heavy on nostalgia and encomiums, light on serious consideration of what it all means, besides acknowledging the many imitators ‘Mike and the Mad Dog’ inspired,” Neil Genzlinger wrote in The Times. It also “leaves you wanting to hear more from these two famous voices.”


Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy in “The Tunnel: Sabotage.”

Kudos Film & Television Ltd.

THE TUNNEL: SABOTAGE 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings; also streaming on thirteen.org). After the shootout at the police station, Elise (Clémence Poésy) struggles to confront her past, while Karl (Stephen Dillane) — whose wife has been receiving unnerving messages about philandering cops just as the couple have hired a new nanny — finds his life about to be upended. Meanwhile, Rosa reveals critical information about the political cell Defence that could put an end to Robert’s lethal game.

What’s Streaming


A scene from “Shades of Guilt.”

Walter Presents

SHADES OF GUILT on Walter Presents. Friedrich Kronberg (Moritz Bleibtreu), a German defense lawyer, works on behalf of clients for whom the crime isn’t simply black and white — among them, a married couple whose sexual fantasy has near-fatal consequences, a lonely older man who runs a drug ring from his apartment, a woman who fights back after her abusive husband targets their daughter, and a homeless couple whose criminal past has finally caught up with them.

SURVIVING THE INFERNO: ESCAPING GRENFELL TOWER on ABCNews.com/Features. Using animated illustrations, survivors recount how they escaped the fire that engulfed Grenfell Tower in London on June 14, killing at least 80 people.

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