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What’s on TV Thursday: The Return of ‘Doc Martin’ and ‘Gotham’


From left, Art Malik, Martin Clunes and Eileen Atkins in “Doc Martin.”

Acorn TV

Portwenn’s stiff doctor tries to salvage his marriage for the sake of his baby. And the crime-ridden city of “Gotham” finally gets its hero in Season 4.

What’s Streaming

DOC MARTIN on Acorn TV. Martin Clunes reprises his role as the curmudgeonly doctor in the British village of Portwenn in Season 8 of this ITV dramedy. After taking up couples therapy to save their marriage, Martin and Louisa (Caroline Catz) try to put their woes behind them and live happily with their toddler, Patrick. In an interview with The New York Times, Mr. Clunes could not explain the appeal of his irritable character, but he did note that the British “like our heroes a bit anti.”

SCHOOL OF ROCK (2003) on iTunes, Amazon and Crackle. Jack Black plays Dewey, an out-of-control failed musician who, after being kicked out of his band for his foolish shenanigans, tricks his way into a substitute teaching job at a prestigious private school to make rent money. Determined to keep his rock ’n’ roll persona, Dewey forms a band out his fifth-grade students, training them to perform under the nose of the timid school principal (Joan Cusack). This feel-good comedy ends with Dewey leading his new troupe in a grand “Battle of the Bands” and (sort of) getting a taste of rock stardom.


A scene from “Food Evolution.”

Black Valley Films

FOOD EVOLUTION (2016) on iTunes, Amazon and Hulu. The debate over G.M.O.s — genetically modified organisms — takes center stage in this documentary by the Oscar-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy. Narrated by the scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, the film gives voice to farmers, activists and experts around the globe who take polarizing stances on the issue. But it doesn’t shy away from questioning the prevalent trend of organic living. “With a soft tone, respectful to opponents but insistent on the data,” Daniel M. Gold wrote in The Times, “‘Food Evolution’ posits an inconvenient truth for organic boosters to swallow: In a world desperate for safe, sustainable food, G.M.O.s may well be a force for good.”

What’s on TV


David Mazouz in “Gotham.”

Jeff Neumann/Fox

GOTHAM 8 p.m. on Fox. The battle between the villains and heroes of pre-Batman Gotham City reaches new heights in Season 4. Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) suspects that the Scarecrow (played by Charlie Tahan in Season 1) is lurking, while Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) emerges as a masked vigilante, destined to rid the city of its bad seeds. Catch up with the first three seasons on Netflix.

O. J.: GUILTY IN VEGAS (2017) 9 p.m. on A&E. This new documentary recounts the 2007 arrest and conviction of the former athlete and actor O. J. Simpson for a robbery in a Las Vegas hotel room, and considers whether his psychological state may have influenced the police’s handling of the case. Mr. Simpson has spent nine years in prison on charges from that case, and will become eligible for parole on Oct. 1.

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