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‘The Longing for Less’ Gets at the Big Appeal of Minimalism

As a millennial who graduated from college in 2010, in the lingering wake of the financial crisis, the cultural critic Kyle Chayka haltingly admits to being a minimalist, but only “by default.” When he began writing “The Longing for Less,” he was put off by how minimalism had become commodified …

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Brazil to create ‘Amazon Council’ to protect and develop the rainforest

FILE PHOTO: Smoke billows from a fire in an area of the Amazon rainforest near Porto Velho, Rondonia State, Brazil, September 10, 2019. REUTERS/Bruno Kelly/File Photo SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazil’s right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro said on Tuesday he will create an “Amazon Council” to protect and ensure the “sustainable …

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A Mystical Healer, Her Ailing Crush and the Desire That Undoes Them Both

FOLLOW ME TO GROUND By Sue Rainsford Sue Rainsford’s “Follow Me to Ground” is the story of an obsessive teenage crush. Except Ada, the young woman at its center, is not technically a teenager; she’s actually been alive for generations, a witch doctor who never seems to grow older. And …

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