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Swiss Asset Management Company sales on the rise

Sales of Swiss asset management companies are on the rise, especially to foreign investors. 2018 has seen a big year for the sales of Swiss asset management companies. This is partially attributed to the fact that the Swiss asset management license is very versatile, allowing not only for asset management, but also for cryptocurrency exchanges, which has made Switzerland, and especially the canton of Zug, the center of the cryptocurrency universe. Additionally, Swiss Asset Companies are arguably one of the most respected, offering the highest level of credibility in the world.

Swiss asset management companies also offer foreign investors the ability to manage their assets and those of others in a beneficial, cost effective manner. Asset management and fiduciary companies are able to manage the assets of one or more clients. Moreover, for mixed companies, which have most of their business activity abroad (a minimum of 80% of the income and expenses must be made outside of the country), and thus their Swiss business activity is considered secondary, foreign shareholders may have a dominant influence on a mixed company. Mixed companies have certain tax advantages in Switzerland.

Its especially easy for citizens of the European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries to setup a company in Switzerland and also benefit from numerous competitive advantages. The Agreement of Free Movement of Persons makes it clear that EU or EFTA citizens do not require an immigration permit in order to reside in Switzerland. Owning a Swiss asset management company can also help facilitate foreigners from other countries to obtain a work permit.

Marvin Rowe of Swiss AMF AG contributes the increase in sale to the many benefits of Swiss asset management companies over asset management companies from other jurisdictions, including a lower ongoing costs, allowance of foreign ownership and directors, no regulatory approval required for a change of shareholders, and a very broad license that, in addition to asset management, authorises Swiss asset management companies to act as cryptocurrency exchanges, electronic payments/money transfer companies, fiduciary companies and more.



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