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Review: She Hosts ‘Women Who Kill,’ and May Be in Love With One


Ingrid Jungermann, left, and Sheila Vand in “Women Who Kill,” directed by Ms. Jungermann.

The Film Collaborative

The humor is dry and the acting deadpan in “Women Who Kill,” a comedy that plays it droll and is all the funnier for it.

Set in gentrified sections of Park Slope, Brooklyn, the tale centers on Morgan (Ingrid Jungermann) and Jean (Ann Carr), former lovers who still live together and produce the podcast of the title, which profiles female serial killers. Near the end of one episode, the two women debate which murderer is the hottest. Soon they go to a prison to visit a convict (Annette O’Toole, a hoot), and along the way argue over their breakup.

“You trick people with your boyishness,” Jean says.

“I can’t help it I can lift semi-heavy things,” Morgan replies.


Ann Carr, left, and Ingrid Jungermann as former lovers in “Women Who Kill.”

The Film Collaborative

Later, at a food co-op, Morgan meets Simone (Sheila Vand), a mysterious beauty. They begin a romance that borders on the strange, then grows downright eerie when Jean begins to suspect that Simone is a serial killer. Before some enticing evidence surfaces, Morgan is skeptical, and wonders if Jean may just be jealous.

“I’d rather be with somebody that scares me to death than somebody that bores me to death,” Morgan says in a dig at her ex, who replies: “Go ahead, move in with her and get married and have a family that she can stab in the middle of the night.”

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